General conditions




Buy in #160;it's very simple. Sóyou have to follow these steps:

choose the categoryía and subcategoría dónde is the product(s) you want to buy.


View the product(s) you are interested in./n. #233 Through a one-clickás an expandón of the photoía; some products have several photographsías. You #225 #233 can also consult your description, #243 #243,#243,reference and price.


Select a product, the number of units #250 and aña&ade the artíass to the basket. Below #243 you can choose to continue to purchase or process orders.


If you want to keep shopping, repeat the process. If you want to place the order, click the botón place order to start the purchase process.


Enter all requested data, address #243;n from envío and invoiceón and asegúrate that they are correct.


Select a #233é,all payment: Visa, or cash on delivery.


Confirms the order and proceeds, where applicable, to payment.


Receiveás an email confirm #225ing your order.



¿In what #233; países you can buy it online?

You can currently make your purchase in España and other countries.


¿Repute artíasses with the #243ó“#8221;?

If an article is á exhausted, we will try to replenish it as soon as possible. If there is no stock, on the website indicateía that it isá exhausted.


¿Receive #233 the same product I see in the photo?



¿It is possible to receive information #243 #243 in my email with the úlatest news and offers from   your domain name?

Sí. Simply access “Newsletter” receiveó #225;s with information about the úlatest news from your domain name


¿I can unsubscribe from the Newsletter your domain name?

In the section “Newsletter” #225 you can easily unsubscribe. Cover the data and select “send”.


¿Cómo I can make sure I have made my purchase well

placed your order, receiveás a confirmation email #243; If you do not receive it, please contact


#191;I can remove some #250ííass from my order?

Sí. From the shopping cart #225 you can delete the itemsíasses you do not want as long as you have not processed the order.


¿Can I cancel my order?

Y, you #225 can cancel your order by calling #243 Customer Attention at  696367019

¿Qué I must do if I get a defective artí

New products: sósells artíass in perfect condition, so if you exceptionally get to you at the #250 íass with #250 any defect, please

#243 #160 contact

Used products: Used products are specified as used and are displayed and document any defects that may have.


¿Qué I must do if I get an incorrect artíí

#243some, you're mistakenly an artíass that you haven't asked for, please contact #160



¿é payment method I can use to make my purchase?

We have the following payment methods: targeta or cash on delivery.


¿Because reasonón can be declined my credit card;#233 dito?

Your card may be declined for one of the following reasons:

The card may be expired. Make sure your card does not exceed the validity date.

 The card's #237;mite may have been reached. Check with your bank that the card has not exceeded the amount allowed to make purchases.

 Some data entered is incorrect #250é. Make sure you've filled in all the required fields correctly


¿It's safe to use my #233 credit card on the web?

Sí, data is transmitted in SSL encrypted form. The payment system will be made á #233 through the secure payment gateway, served, etc.






¿Dói can receive my order?

You can receive it in the #243 direction you choose (domicile, work, etc.


¿Delivery país may be different from the one purchased?

The delivery #237í must always match the purchase #237í.


¿Cuáá it will take to get my order?

If you live in the península, the delivery time is 5 working days, unless the order is placed in sábado, Sunday or public holiday, in which case the order will be processed the first working day after the día of placing #243;n of the order. For destinations such as the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, and the rest of Europe the delivery time is approximately 10 days.


¿Cuánto I have to pay for envío?

The costs of shippingíor to the Península, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are indicated in the purchase process before payment.


¿Cómo I can find out where my order is #225?

To know the status of your order, when the order is delivered to the transport company, it will send you an email with the tracking number, if not, contact our Customer #243 Service department at the number  696367019


¿Cuál is the home delivery process

We will send you a #243 confirmation email when your order is leaving #233 the and the carrier will contact youá to inform you of the delivery of the order.




¿Cómo I have to do to return an artíass?

To request a online return #243 to your home item, write #237; be us at the #160 #243 address, please  specifying the #250 order number (which you can find #225 in the #243 confirmation email #237 #243)   After verifying the data, we will send a carrier #243 within 72 hours (where possible). To arrange the collection, the transport company will #225 contact you.


¿What is the deadline for a devolució

For any return,#243.n, you have a period of fourteen #237 from the plac #243ing of the order.


¿I have to pay something for my devolució

Returns at  s free unless otherwise stated on the product sheet.



receiveé the amount of my devolució

Once the return has #243 been approved, receive #225 the amount in the same way that you made your purchase.


#225¿é receive the amount of my #243; #243

After approving the devolución (#237 the items have to be in perfect condition and have the internal tags) receiveás a confirmation emailón indicáyou that the amount will be credited #225 to your account (the same #233;all payment you used to pay) in about dí. Remember that the credit to the #233 credit card depends always on your bank.


¿Qué do if my devolución amount is incorrect?

Please contact us at #160 ; we will fix the problem as soon as   reserves the right to refuse returns communicated or sent outside the deadline, or artíasses that are not in the same condition in which they were received.